Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dutch Oils now listed on Kimwetu.com - your source for local products

Dutch Oils are now listed on Kimwetu!
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Kimwetu helps you find locally made products. Now Dutch Oils' paintings and drawings can also be found here, as part of..

"a whole range of goods made close to where you live. ... Kimwetu UK has built up its directory of UK manufacturers so that you can reduce your carbon footprint by shopping locally whilst supporting local businesses.

Kimwetu is different to any other major online directory as we list producers and manufacturers in the UK, but not retailers, distributors or services, so it's easier to find a product closer to home. All of our companies make some or all of their products in the UK.

Click on a product category and a region or postcode to find what’s available close to you or use the text box to search for specific items in a region or near a postcode."

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